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HolyCloud offers the perfect web hosting solution for any kind of website. Be it a personal or business website our cloud network can extend it’s arm in any direction.

Our powerful hosting services will not only help you achieve your overall website goals, but will also provide you with the confidence knowing that we are your partners on the web.

Our easy to manage platform will facilitate you in getting your website up in minutes.


Create an online store, start a fashion blog or setup your own social media network.

security guaranteed

Our security features ensure that your web hosting account remains safe and secure at all times. We are committed security above anything else.

business email

Setup unlimited business emails on your own domain including auto responders and email forwarding.

world leading control panel

Control your hosting account with the world’s leading control panel, cPanel.

Choose the perfect plan


Per year

  • 25GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 5 Databases
  • Secure Backups

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Per month

  • 40GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 15 Databases
  • Secure Backups
  • FREE Domain

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Per month

  • 60GB Storage
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • 20 Databases
  • Secure Backups
  • FREE Domain

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Frequently asked questions

What Is Web-hosting?

Web hosting allows businesses, and individuals make their websites or apps visible on the internet. Every website available on the web, no matter how big or small is hosted on a server somewhere. Anyone who wants a website must have a web hosting provider to make their website available on the world wide web.

How do I transfer my website to HolyCloud?

We love winning over new client to the HolyCloud family. If you intend on moving your website over to the HolyCloud servers the first step is to contact our sales department and setup your brand new account. Please remember to tell our sales team who your current web hosting provider is.

Next determine if you are currently hosting your website in a cPanel hosting environment, if you are then we will be able to copy your entire hosting account
over to our network. If not then we will use other means to move your website over.

(note you will need your current login details to your current hosting provider.)

Once we have copied over your website and determined that everything is in order
we will then change the Name Server associated with your domain. Once the name server propagates your website will begin working and loading from our network. By doing it in this method you will experience Zero down time.

We will confirm with your that your website is in working order before we/you go about canceling your hosting account with your current Web Hosting Company. 

Have some questions before you get started? No worries. Simply contact our sales and support department to help you get started.

Does HolyCloud hosting account work with 3rd party services?

HolyCloud hosting services does and can integrate with hundreds of third party services. While we do not guarantee that every service is compatible we do know that our network can integrate with third party services like Microsoft Outlook Online.

Do you have WordPress hosting packages?

We do not offer “dedicated” WordPress hosting packages However every HolyCloud hosting account can host WordPress, Joomla and many other. We even have one click install option.

Can I upgrade my account if I need to?

Upgrading your account (in most cases) is as simple as 1,2,3 If you are upgrading your Shared Cloud Hosting it will happen automatically. If you need to upgrade your hosting account to a Reseller Account or to a dedicated server, it will be completed within 24-48 hours after your upgrade request.

How long does it take to set up a new account?

Accounts will be set up immediately after payment. You should receive a welcome email with instructions on getting started within a few minutes after making your payment.

“Unlimited” Hosting

We are aware that many hosts claim to offer ‘unlimited’ space. The reality is that unlimited space is actually nothing more than a marketing gimmick and completely impossible. It is impossible to offer more than what you have. The hosts that claim to offer “unlimited” actually have a large number restrictions in place that will prevent you form every being able to host unlimited amount of data on your hosting account. We just don’t see the point in pulling the wool over your eyes throughout the process and then surprise you with a nasty email when you get to your limit, lets just be truthful upfront.

HolyCloud’s focus has always been and will always be on the quality of our services

and we invest heavily to make sure that every hosting client gets their money’s worth
for every day of the year. We store your data in more than one location to make sure that your data is always dafe.

Just as an FYI OVER 95% of all websites, unless enterprise clients, use less than 10GB, to host their sites and this includes backups. We very generously provide our clients with 25GB on our smallest package so that you are able to host all your content plus make a few backups of your own.

Do you offer discounts for charities?

Charities who need help getting a head start can apply for one of our charitable programs that may be available at the time. If approved the charity could get their hosting crouton for free or at a considerably lower rate.


HolyCloud has launched a brand new package. For the first time ever you can pay one monthly fee and get your web design and hosting included in one package. (domain separate) Now for the low price of $55.00 per month you can get it all.

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