HolyCloud, LLC is owned and operated by Worship Media Group, LLC
We were founded with the goal of providing the best quality hosting services for small to medium sized businesses. We own and maintain all parts of our infrastructure giving us a greater measure of control to offer each one of our clients the best service in the industry without having to wait on a third party.

No matter what type of websites our clients desire, our highly trained team of professionals are equipped to handle any type of hosting and development and guarantee that the client will be satisfied with our level of expertise and dedication to our client’s success.

We insure that our clients enjoy a powerful hosting solutions at a prices they are comfortable with. Whether it is Website hosting, Audio Streaming, Media Content Hosting, We are equipped to handle all of it within one totally secure and powerful environment. Ultimately we are here to serve our clients and to insure their success by providing all the resources that they require in order to make their brand thrive. We are located right off the water in highly sort after Downtown Detroit, Michigan overlooking the most beautiful Detroit River.

HolyCloud hosts a number of prominent Detroit organizations such as:

Grand Innovation (Powered by Lifeline) 

Dr. Nicole Farmer (The Business Doctor)

New Wine Glory-The River Church


In December, 2016 HolyCloud, LLC was inducted into the highly sought after